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You never know when something will happen.

In the event of an accident or illness, it’s good to have pet insurance in your back pocket. Coverage can make it easier to say yes to the care your vet recommends.


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Protection for:

complete coverage accidents Accidents

complete coverage Hereditary conditions Hereditary conditions

complete coverage Dental disease Dental disease

 complete coverage Illnesses Illnesses

complete coverage Behavioral issues Behavioral issues

complete coverage And More And more





Hereditary conditions

Hereditary conditions

Behavioral issues

Behavioral issues

Dental disease

Dental disease


And more

also available:

Accident-Only Coverage

Protection for costly mishaps like swallowed socks, broken bones, and toxic ingestions

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Preventive Care Coverage

Add-on coverage for wellness services, like vaccines and screenings, for a little more per month

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What do all these pet insurance terms mean?

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Tight budget? No prob.

We don’t want cost to prevent anyone from protecting their best friend. That’s why 24Petprotect™ plans can be customized for a range of budgets.

Tips for customizing your coverage


Annual Deductible Graphic Annual Deductible illustration

A higher deductible will lower your premium. When you choose a low deductible, your coverage will kick in faster, putting more money back in your pocket.


Reimbursement Percentage Graphic Reimbursement Percentage illustrations

If you want a higher return on your claims, select a higher reimbursement. 90% will give you the most cash back on covered vet expenses. For a lower premium, select a lower reimbursement.


Annual Coverege Graphic Annual Coverege illustration

Pick the amount you think you’ll need to cover accidents and illnesses in one year. If you’re not sure, we recommend going with $3,000.

See rates for a pet insurance plan.

Common pet insurance questions